The reason why you’ve not been able to stick to a diet and how this program will be the first thing you see long term results from!

If you’re like every other human on the earth you’ve probably tried dieting to achieve a result!

You probably failed at it too! 
 Or you were super successful with it... For a few weeks. 
Then you went back to your old ways! 

 The problem with most diets is it’s only about the food! 
 They never take into consideration YOU. 
The one driving the ship! 
It may feel easy to follow the diet to start with… 
But what happens when you want to have a night out or go on holidays? 

 Feeling guilty for being a human shouldn’t be one of the answers… 
Nor should piling the weight back on! 

 What we’re talking about here is not just a done for you meal plan! 
 It offers up an easy to adopt lifestyle with a list of principles to live by! 
 Principles that keep giving to your results! 
 Whether you’re out socialising on the weekend and choose to have some drinks. Or In the middle of the silly season!
See most people fall off the “wagon” because the wagon is too damn narrow and restricting!

We’re talking about building a fortress to travel on so you’re not easily knocked off! 

 It all comes down to the basics of the Personalised Meal Plans! 

Yes, food quality and quantity matter! 

 But if you’re not sticking to the “Power of 3” consistently it’s no wonder you’re not seeing great results… 

The Power of 3’s is the, When? What? And, how much? 

 It also covers the Planning purchasing and preparation of your food! 

 This is all unpacked in the Bonus 1 hour Education video you will receive with your meal plan!

SO, what is this done for you personalised meal plan and what can you expect from following it?

Let us explain! 

 We go through a detailed questionnaire on you! 
 We want to know everything! 
 We’re talking height, age your measurements, your food dislikes, heck even your mum's name (not really, that’s a bit weird, lol). 

The point being it’s in-depth! 

 As it allows us to best create the perfect meal plan for you! 

 But we’re not just going to create a personalised plan and leave you to figure it out for yourself! 
That’s just the beginning of the work we do together!

Our education is on going!
We also care about your results which is why we gear you up for success with multiple “tracking items” that don’t require you to hop on your bathroom scales multiple times a day… 

 We’re talking about getting real results through different check-in systems that you’ve probably never thought to do before… 

 Your health and body results rely on so much more than the food you put into your mouth! 
Like the length and quality of your sleep! 
 The amount of stress you lug around daily! 
How you breathe and why that’s important! 
The water your drinking - if the answer is tap water, it’s ok we’re here to help :P 

 Our 7 pillars assessment sheet will have you focusing on the biggest result pushers weekly… 
Rather than beating yourself up over the numbers on the scales! 

 Why would you NOT want to check the numbers on the scale? 

 Have you ever felt guilty for the result that shows up… Even when you’re feeling better and super focused on your health? 
 If yes, that is exactly why!
We care about how you feel look and perform!
Quite often that has nothing to do with the number on the scales!
Which is why we encourage you to remove them!
Funny stat though…. 
Even though we remove the focus from the scales Previous members (there’s been over 5000 of them) on average have lost 5kg of body fat within the first 4 weeks! 
Most of them also report a lean muscle mass increase and that their body feels more firm and/or tone!

Take a look at some of our member's pics:
How’s that for leaning up?
Let's be honest dropping weight is great but the real bonuses come in the form of outperforming your peers and living a waaaay better quality of life :P 

In all honesty, you can look after those around you a lot better if you’re feeling at the top of your game! 

 We're not just about a "quick fix diet". 

 We focus on improving your gut health! 
 Having a healthy gut is linked to a host of benefits... Such as:

Stronger Immune System 

 A healthy mind (less brain fog, more clarity) 

 Better heart health - helps with cholesterol levels 

 Decreased risk of Kidney disease - Allows your body to better detox 

 Better control of hunger signals - stops your unnecessary cravings 

 Boost your gastrointestinal health - which means better

Our members typically claim that within the first 10 days of starting their plans they:

Feel the best they have (in some cases ever) 

Clothes are looser 

Sleep quality is immaculate 

Libido boosts through the roof (maybe TMI but we’ve had guys report erectile dysfunction problems going away! We’ve also had peri menopausal women remove all symptoms… CRAZY RIGHT?) 

Skin feels clear… glowing even! 

No more bloating or feeling yucky after meals 

Radiant hair that is stronger than ever!

Not our words… Theirs!
Anyway, the way we see it you can do one of 3 things! 

 1. Stay as you are… make no changes. Would you be ok with this decision in 6 months? 

2. Start reading hundreds of nutrition books and if you’re really keen enrol in uni and do the nutrition/dietetics courses our team have gone through. Start a business and successfully help yourself and others for 6 years and be stoked with your applied principles that have worked for years 

3. Invest in your health and get started on your long term results today!
Here’s what you’ll get when you buy a meal plan:

A recipe guide with how to cook so you’re not slaving for hours in the kitchen. 

A progress tracker so you can check-in with your weekly results 

How to use your meal plan video. Explaining how to best use your meal plan (learn to further tailor your plan like we talked about above) 

Shopping list template to make shopping for food a breeze 

An information guide with all of our recommendations. This also includes a discount list from our favourite products for healthy living!

BUT WAIT, That’s not all (ol’ infomercial special voice)
We have 3 fantastic bonuses for you today! 
All to make your experience with The Chief Life that much better!  

3 cookbooks to blow your taste buds minds! 
The cookbooks are: 
 Balanced Smoothies & Shakes (e-cookbook) 
 48 of Our Best Meals, Snacks & Condiments (e-cookbook) 
Meals For One (e-cookbook) 

 Our in-depth sleep workshop: 
Sleep is critical to your recovery and results… Chances are you’re doing one or many things wrong which are highly affecting your sleep! We’re going to help you sleep like the most well-rested baby on the planet! 

Access to our Private Members Facebook group -
 for you to ask questions and talk strategy with our nutrition coaching team! Nothing screams success like someone who has a team of professionals backing them and cheering for them along the way!
That Would be a wicked deal by itself... But we've got an extra bonus to give you. It's like the sweet cherry on top!
1 Hour Nutrition Workshop!
Learn all there is to know to be successful with your nutrition! This in-depth 1-hour nutrition talk gives you some crazy insights that will help you to 
A) Make better decisions when it comes to food
B) Understand what foods make you feel amazing
C) Understand your energy systems better and how food affects them

No more guessing. No more Fad diets! A simple done for you all in one solution!
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Brogan - Emergency Nurse mother of 1

I’ve never been leaner and to be honest I just feel HEALTHY! 

My energy is up and my mood is great. It’s helped so much for work and exercise.

I love that the meals are so easy to make and even better, Even my daughter loves the food!

That time of month is finally PAIN FREE!

Thought I was going through menopause... Turns out my diet just wasn't supporting my body

I took my phase 1 (4wk) results this morning…
I’m so happy to say I’ve lost 5.4kg in 4wks of 100% of following my TCL plan!!
My goal was to try and get to 62kg... Previously I didn’t really want to go lower Then this cos of my age and the skin losing elasticity around the tummy (from birthing 2 kids)because I thought I'd look like a balloon that’s been let down where it goes all wrinkly and stretch marks haha… I’m happy to say this didn't happen. I didn’t think I could tone up or lean out without the side effects of my wrinkly skin but within just 4 weeks I did!

In 4wks of being 100% committed and had no coffee at all (used to drink 4 a day) and no alcohol which I also had at weekends,
My perimenopausal symptoms have gone – literally gone !!!!!!
My periods were absolutely bliss this month as they normally give me hell! I ache and have sugar cravings and in pain for 2-3 days…
I had none this month and the only thing I’ve changed is following The Chief Life Plan (phase 1)!

I loved the meal plan and could actually stay on it forever haha. However, I'm so excited to start stage 2!
I feel I have learnt a lot and can see where I have gone wrong in the past. Thanks for the knowledge and support!

My starting weight was 67.5kg and I finished at 62.1kg (once again in only 4 weeks )

I can’t thank you guys enough for phase 1 and the constant support on the members FB page! The member's page is so valuable to me. To have instant access to you and the coaches helped me stay committed.

Thank you, I couldn’t do this without the support!

Dad of 2!

I was a 2 carton a week drinker whilst still exercising daily. I was going nowhere with my training, weight loss, sleep and general health. Since TCL I’ve never slept better!

 Like i never knew you could actually sleep that well haha, 

I went 8 weeks with touching a drop of alcohol and my training is next level! .
I was contracted with the QLD Bulls Cricket Team from 1999-2007 and attended the AIS for cricket in 1999 and 2000 I can honestly say I’m more proud of what I achieved and learnt in the last 8 weeks than anything I did playing cricket.

 I’ve completely overhauled my life and I did this on my own, I learnt to cook, use a slow cooker, meal prep, make healthy slices. I can’t thank you personally enough The Chief Life Team enough

  • starting weight was 138kgs with a waist measurement of 131cm, current weight is 115 and the waist is 106cm
  • Medicated for high blood pressure for the past 5 years and after the challenge was told by my doctor I was “normal” with the best and most consistent my blood pressure has been even while medicated. Currently not on medication.
  • My GGT result in my liver blood test dropped from 72 down to 24, the main reason your GGT is high is due to large and consistent alcohol consumption.

Nurse - Fighting Fit & ready to take on anything! 

To say I'm happy with my results is an understatement! With the help and support from Matty and Stace from The Chief Life I have not only lost 8.6kgs and 8% body fat but I feel amazing.
I have so much more energy.
I am seeing improvements in my training and have learnt tools to continue making a better me!

Young Dad - now with a 6 pack

The photo on the left was 6 weeks ago...
On the right was yesterday, 6 weeks later.
Huge shoutout to The Chief Life! 

Thank you!
For now, we will let the pictures do the talking,  I dialled in my nutrition with The Chief Life as part of a challenge with my gym ‘Raw Movement CrossFit Tannum Sands.’ 

My goal was always performance based and with that came great results and unreal aesthetics. My plan was easy to follow and now I feel super healthy!

Paramedic - never felt better on night shift!

I think that the body results of Chiefy are just a bonus. I’m sleeping better than ever, I have more energy, I’m seeing results in running and gym, my moods are stable and my skin is better than it’s been in years. The education has been awesome, for the first time in a long time I have a healthy relationship now with food and also my body. It’s made me realise how detrimental quick fixes I have done in the past (even through gyms) were. This is the healthiest and most sustainable system I’ve seen so far and the easiest (the real struggle is eating all of the food).

How Does The Program Work?

This is a four-week program that helps to take you closer to your health and lifestyle goals! Not only do we tell you what to eat and how to make it… BUT, we also teach you how to layer habits that will help you to finally transform your body for life!
Think of it as a shortcut route to your goals! Our focus will be to detox the body so you can get back to a state of optimal hormonal function.
We’re basically taking through our full process to optimise the body… You’ll feel like a superhero when we’re done!
It’s the same process we’ve used to help over 5000 individuals to get results…. Big results too. On average we see a 5kg loss in the first 4 weeks alone!
It’s the same principles we use for top performers and athletes, only on a tailored program just for you!
This is essentially us teaching you the most important foundational rules we’ve used to get results for the last 5 years! On average we’ve helped people from all over the world to lose 5000kgs a year. We’re pretty proud of that!
… All while doing what you’d be doing daily anyway… Eating! We just make some adjustments to ensure you’re full of energy and proud of the body you’re in!
I’m not an athlete, should I do this? How will it help me?
To be honest, this is most of our clientele.
Individuals who enjoy a healthy lifestyle but don’t consider themselves athletes.
This program is going to help you in 2 ways
1.     Giving you a true understanding of the value of food. We typically find that almost EVERYONE is under-eating on certain macronutrients and overeating on others… This confuses the body and makes it store energy as fat rather than utilise it as and when it’s available to it! It’s not a starvation diet... In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We often have individuals complain about the volume of food to start with until their bodies adapt!
2.     Build better habits! Humans are creatures of habits. Our downfall is that we LOVE TO TAKE THE EASY ROUTE! We help you to lay some simple daily/weekly rituals to ensure you never return to your old ways… The ways that got you to feeling energy-less/rundown and not comfortable in your own skin.  We teach you how to adopt these simple habits to create a rock-solid foundation!  
Recent Harvard studies show that you can extend your lifespan by adopting and maintaining 5 healthy habits! We’ve been teaching healthy living for years and help you to find the healthiest habits that fit into YOUR LIFE!
We see individuals make costly mistakes daily that if they were to just literally, where they did certain things, or how they did them they would see a MASSIVE SHIFT/TRANSFORMATION!
Everyone is already eating, drinking, sleeping and moving!
The reality is you do these things too!
We just want to show you how to do these in the most efficient and effective ways so you can get the results you deserve!

We cook most of our own meals and do our own shopping too. We want to show you how to save time in the kitchen and save $$$ on your shopping bill!
Why Is the program only 7 days of food?
The way we create our meal plans is like a menu rather than a follow day-by-day, meal-by-meal.
This means that your meal plan will be completely interchangeable. You can choose your favourite breakfast and have it all week long if you truly desired!
The truth is, most people eat the same few meals every day/week anyway!
What did you have for breakfast yesterday? And the day before that? And Wednesday last week? 98% of people will answer those questions with the same answer!
When we first created our programs we wanted to create a done for you plan that offered a HEAP OF VARIETY but gave you the option to choose your own way.
Let’s be honest, cooking is time-consuming. We wanted to give people the ability to prepare multiple meals at once so they could enjoy them later (without having to cook again).
Not only are the meals interchangeable, but so are the macronutrients. Found a dish with chicken in it but you don’t have chicken in the fridge to cook? No sweat! Just swap it out for the other options you have available to you! Simply look at your plan and interchange for the amounts given of that food option!
This also means that you can make the same meals with your own little spin on it by opting to add in all of your favourite ingredients!
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