Personalised Meal Plan - PHASE 2
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Phase 2 - Meal Plan$149

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Plus you'll also receive:
- FREE Private Support group from our Nutrition Coaches. So you can have all questions answered

- A Recipe Guide. An in-depth, step-by-step cooking guide to save you hours in the kitchen

- Progress Tracker - To keep you accountable. It also helps to see your progress week by week!

- Shopping List Template - Make those trips to the shops a breeze by a simple tick off the list template

- How To Use Your Meal Plan video
- Insights to how you can use any combo of meals and snacks o get results!

- 7 Pillars Health Assessment Video & Quiz - the BONUS steps to take to SPEED UP your results!

- Information Sheet - Discounts to our favourite products, FAQ's & more!
Phase 2
It's time to bring back some convenience into your cooking! We've spent the last month detoxing your body during phase 1...

You've worked hard to make your body a fat-burning machine, which is well balanced and hormonally stable and ready to progress.

From doing the detox (phase 1) you should be feeling healthier and more confident in your own skin

Phase 2 is all about building on top of the foundations we've already made!
It's time to ramp it up a little while using some more convenient options like pasta, bread, cereal, etc. 

The point of this is to show you how you can return to some of your "favourites" without expanding the midline or undoing the results you've achieved while on Phase 1.

Although our menu's do change monthly to suit the season you're in it's quite often you'll see the following foods on the menu:
- Pizza
- Lasagne 
- Bars/slices/balls/cakes
- Smoothie
- Protein bowls/Breaky bowls 
- Pancakes/waffles
- Soups (season dependent)
- Your favourite roasts 
- Delicious salads
Just to name a few!

Keep the momentum flowing while your motivation is high! The longer you wait between plans the harder it is to keep the routine flowing!
We're so excited to get you onto phase 2 utilising more convenient foods whilst still getting after your goals! 

Add a daily YOGA practice into your day!

Classes are 15-25 mins long and focus on topics/intentions like; Love, Surrender, Manifest, Rise, Peace, Flow, Victory,  etc. 

Less than 15 cents a minute if you only use them once!
Join co-founder Stacey with her 'Practice Yoga Anywhere' Classes. Yoga has a host of mental and physical health benefits including:PHYSICAL:
  • increased flexibility.
  • increased muscle strength and tone.
  • improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • weight reduction.
  • cardio and circulatory health.
  • improved athletic performance.
  • protection from injury.

- it moves you from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system.
- it helps you build your sense of self.
- it allows you space to think 
- it delivers a space for happiness and contentment

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Phase 2 - Meal Plan$149

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Damo lost 12 kg in just 8 weeks!

Damo’s my name. I was a 2 carton a week drinker whilst still doing CrossFit every day, I was going nowhere with my training, weight loss, sleep and general health. I’ve not slept better since my 20s, I couldn’t imagine you can actually sleep that well haha, I went 8 weeks with touching a drop of alcohol, my training is next level and actually enjoyable.  
I was contracted with the QLD Bulls Cricket Team from 1999-2007 and attended the AIS for cricket in 1999 and 2000 I can honestly say I’m more proud of what I achieved and learnt in the last 8 weeks than anything I did playing cricket, I’ve completely overhauled my life and I did this on my own, I learnt to cook, use a slow cooker, meal prep, make healthy slices. I can’t thank you personally enough, your company and the support you've given me!  
- Starting weight was 138kgs with a waist measurement of 131cm, current weight is 115 and the waist is 106cm  
- Medicated for high blood pressure for the past 5 years and after the challenge was told by my doctor I was “normal” with the best and most consistent my blood pressure has been even while medicated. Currently not on medication.  
- My GGT result in my liver blood test dropped from 72 down to 24, the main reason your GGT is high is due to large and consistent alcohol consumption.

Father of 2 - Business Owner, Brisbane

Sarah - Thought I was going through menopause... Turns out my diet just wasn't supporting my body

I took my phase 1 (4wk) results this morning…
I’m so happy to say I’ve lost 5.4kg in 4wks of 100% of following my TCL plan!!
My goal was to try and get to 62kg... Previously I didn’t really want to go lower Then this cos of my age and the skin losing elasticity around the tummy (from birthing 2 kids)because I thought I'd look like a balloon that’s been let down where it goes all wrinkly and stretch marks haha… I’m happy to say this didn't happen. I didn’t think I could tone up or lean out without the side effects of my wrinkly skin but within just 4 weeks I did!

In 4wks of being 100% committed and had no coffee at all (used to drink 4 a day) and no alcohol which I also had at weekends,
My perimenopausal symptoms have gone – literally gone !!!!!!
My periods were absolutely bliss this month as they normally give me hell! I ache and have sugar cravings and in pain for 2-3 days…
I had none this month and the only thing I’ve changed is following The Chief Life Plan (phase 1)!

I loved the meal plan and could actually stay on it forever haha. However, I'm so excited to start stage 2!
I feel I have learnt a lot and can see where I have gone wrong in the past. Thanks for the knowledge and support!

My starting weight was 67.5kg and I finished at 62.1kg (once again in only 4 weeks )

I can’t thank you guys enough for phase 1 and the constant support on the members FB page! The member's page is so valuable to me. To have instant access to you and the coaches helped me stay committed.

Thank you, I couldn’t do this without the support!

Mother of 2, Full time work, Gold coast

Vivian - 63 yr old!

I My struggle was knowing how much to eat and in what quantities. I also suffered from bloating at the end of the day, even if I hadn’t eaten much, I could not work out where it was coming from. Also, I couldn’t lose just a couple of kilos that had crept on despite my being fit and having what I thought was a healthy lifestyle and eating.
I was getting frustrated that I had put on extra weight even when I did a lot of exercise. I felt horrible in my clothes at the end of the day with a big bloated tummy. I didn’t have energy by the end of the workweek either.
Doing a Chief Life meal plan showed me a whole new way of eating. I now know what to eat for a healthy snack even if I am in a hurry. It took all the guesswork out of what to eat and what to buy and how much to make for myself.
I felt better within a few days. It makes going to work with food easy as I now know what to take. The bloating disappeared and I lost the weight really easily and quickly. I enjoy eating the nice natural foods which I know are doing me good. Everyone who works there is lovely and knowledgeable too. I feel much happier with this aspect of my life.
63 yr old from Sydney, Australia - Chiefer for life!