Could this be the fastest way to kick start your metabolism and re-balance your hormones?
Scientists think so...
For the last few years, we've been running our 30-day intermittent fasting challenge!
Not to mention, with great success!
I say this because we've been helping members to get REAL RESULTS (see pics and comments below)!

I don't say this to boast but because we've actually helped improved peoples quality of life!

For years Fasting has been around and used!
BUT, positive studies from the 90s made it popular in the health and fitness realm

Since then, the evidence is OVERWHELMING!

So, what exactly does fasting do to your body?

Well let me List the benefits:
•Burning more fat while training
•Anti-aging effect
•Better brain function
•Increased growth hormone levels
•Improved insulin sensitivity
•Increased testosterone
•Enhanced fat loss
•Better endurance
•More stable gut during exercise
•Hunger management

So why not just not eat?
Isn't that what FASTING is all about? 


There is so much more to fasting than just skipping Breakfast!

Hence why We've created a 30-day Challenge! 

30 days is a snippet of your life! But, boy can you see a difference in health and appearance when you apply the rules of our Fasting Challenge! 
It's like a sneak peek to see if you like Intermittent Fasting...
Plus you get some badass results and benefits while you're doing

Here's what you'll get when you sign up for the 30 Day intermittent fasting Challenge:
- Learn how to intermittent fast so that you can achieve a fat-burning state EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's not as simple as dropping a meal

- Find out what you can consume while you're fasting, so you don't feel hungry while fasting. You'll also learn what breaks your fast

- Calculators to work out your macronutrient breakdown. Macros are important on this challenge... because maths is hard we've made it as easy as possible for you with these nifty calculators

- Meals and snacks to try - no wiz in the kitchen? Don't worry there are plenty of suggestions/recommendations to make this an easy 30 days

- Support from the coaches... You'll get full access to our CHIEF COACHES in the Private FB Group! - including support offered from others doing the challenge

- The fasting Guide! The full 30 Day Challenge Handbook to help you every step of your Intermittent fasting way

- How to carb cycle... Why is this important? Well, this is your guide on how to eat for the next 30 days... We chose to partner carb cycling with intermittent fasting because:

1. It's a great fat-burning protocol (help you lose that stubborn layer of fat around the midline)

2. Helps boost energy (Who doesn't want to level up?)

3. Speeds up your metabolism... Teach your body to utilise the fuel you're feeding it - plus use any extra adipose tissue (body fat) you have)

4. Prevents fatigue (Which also means it prevents sickness)

5. Excellent for gym recovery! Get rid of the stiffness, aches and pains after training!

6. Allows you a 'controlled cheat day' (yep you sore correctly... CHEAT DAY! We teach you how to have a day high in carbs to enjoy some of your favourite ever cheat foods)

For less than a pair of jeans you will:
- boost your immune system
- drop body fat
- improve your bodies response to carbohydrates
- cold and flu proof your body
- tone up
- boost your energy
- kickstart your metabolism
- increase your endurance
Not all that bad at all if you ask me!

The way I see it, you have 3 choices:
1. Stay exactly as you are this winter and enjoy the warm winter blanket the comfort food brings on

2. Go and teach yourself how to do intermittent fasting and carb cycling. This could take you down the rabbit hole of hours/weeks of reading. Not to mention the trial and error it'd take

3. Buy this program that has the 'how to' worked out for you and has worked for 100s of people already!


We're revamping the program to MAKE SURE YOU GET RESULTS!
For our challenge Starting on November 1st we're making some HUGE upgrades. 

Because good recipes are so hard to come by we're going to give you access to 200+ recipes (including meals and snacks). This means your taste buds will stay incredibly happy and you won't have to deal with the headache of "what to eat".

We'll also be including live screen shares of:
- How to create a day of food.
- How to create a day of your favourite foods
- How to make any recipe off of the internet work for you on the challenge.
- What to do pre and post-training
- When and how to cycle your high carb days
We're also going to give you our Traffic Light System (which you usually have to see us for a one on one valued between $150-$299 (depending on the coach you see) to get your hands on)... But only If you take action NOW!

IMPORTANT FOR THE LADIES - And last but not least, we've updated the calculations from previous challenges! 
We've tested this program with hundreds of people and have found better calculations for women compared to what we've previously used! So We're super excited to share these with you!

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Hi, I'm Matty one of the co-founders here at the chief life! 
These are my results from the 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge! 

Just like you I ebb and flow in stages of motivation (and body fat percentages).

For years now I've thoroughly enjoyed being a human guinea pig of different 'diets' for the best result - not only athletically, but also cognitively! 

Life is about so much more than what happens in the gym. I believe that improving your health will improve every aspect of your life... Your love life, Your financial life, Your work life, etc.

That's why I continuously make myself the guinea pig to trial 'the fad diets' so I can sift through the ones that actually work (like the 30-day fasting challenge) and the ones that don't ( I often talk about these on our podcast).

Anyway, This is the protocol I always return to if I want to lean up quick smart... These Pictures tell a story of my journey on the 30-day challenge... I look forward to seeing yours!